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The ****Hotel Montestyria offers a wealth of benefits for its guests.

1. Location: The hotel is in a prime location overlooking the city, close to major attractions, shopping and public transport.

2. Comfortable accommodation: The rooms at the Hotel Montestyria are elegantly furnished and offer all the comforts guests need for a pleasant stay.

3. Excellent service: The hotel team is known for its friendly and professional service quality. Guests are always looked after in a courteous and helpful manner.

4. Gastronomy: The hotel has an in-house restaurant, the Brauhaus Mariazell offers delicious regional and international dishes.

5. Amenities: The hotel’s amenities include a heated sky pool, a private spa area in the chalets and high-performance WiFi access.

6. Atmosphere: The Hotel Montestyria offers a relaxed and elegant atmosphere that is unique to our guests.

In total, the Chalet Hotel Montestyria offers 14 double rooms in 6 chalets and 2 suites

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